Feel the Harmony with LPGA

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When everything makes sense and clicks into place, like waking up after a great night’s sleep feeling refreshed or when you’ve finally had your first cup of coffee- that’s harmony. It’s a sense of serenity and rhythm that you feel from quality rest on the perfect mattress or in an everyday activity.

Harmony means something different for everyone. In the world of Zinus, harmony means your design preference, like the Suzanne Platform Bed, or your choice of a cooling mattress, like the Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress. And in the game of golf, harmony can be your choice of club, swinging righty or lefty, or simply how you focus.

We’re here to celebrate all the different ways people find harmony, including our Team Zinus LPGA athletes. Below, they share what it means to them and how they feel the harmony.

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Feeling Good Natured

Nature is all around us and is an easy way to feel calm, even if it just means stepping outside for a few minutes. Sunshine and greenery are proven to be incredibly helpful in relieving stress and bringing a sense of harmony to your life- even if your job is sometimes stressful, as golfer Lily He knows: “I think harmony to me is a good balance of everything in life and this feeling of calmness and at ease and at peace. I actually find that I play my best golf when I feel harmony on the course. I always take a little bit of a time to try to look at my surroundings, look at nature, the trees, and listen to the waterfalls and the birds. I think it's really easy to be so caught up in playing competitive ball that you forget to enjoy the moment.”


Prioritizing Self-Care

For golfer Annie Park, harmony means finding a sense of peace and taking care of herself to feel that harmony: “Harmony means a lot to me on the golf course because when I'm at peace emotionally and mentally, I can play my best golf. I think harmony is very important… also outside of golf because that includes getting a good rest, stretching, doing my exercises, and also eating healthy, and that all leads to having a stress free and a physical injury free on the golf course as well.”


Finding a Hobby

What we do outside of work and how we spend our time can bring balance and harmony to our lives. From art and music to exercise or volunteering, hobbies let us feel more connected to ourselves. Even trying a hobby that is completely different from what you normally do can help bring a sense of calm, especially for golfer Danielle Kang: “I do a lot of things off the golf course that I give credit to my harmony… I love painting, doing yoga and stretching… all of these things go against the [competitiveness and stress] of professional golf and they help me stretch the other side of my brain.”

danielle kang

The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

When you feel harmony, you feel relaxed and calm. And one thing all three players agreed on was the importance of sleep. “I think after a really important day on the course, it's always really important for me to get a good quality night of sleep,” says Lily. “All the travelling, sitting on the planes, cars and playing golf that we do… I think having the right bed and the right pillow is the single most important thing to feeling pain free and feeling good on the golf course.”Having the right bed for you is key to getting a restful and restorative sleep- something we know here at Zinus all too well. Find your harmony in sleep by taking our mattress quiz and discovering your best fitting mattress.